General Terms and Conditions (GTC)


This General Terms and Conditions (GTC) contains the terms and conditions of PORTUMLINES.HU (PL Webshop).

In the PL Webshop you will find WordPress and WooCommerce plugins primarily made for professionals.

The address of the PL Webshop:

Operator of the PL Webshop:

Portum Lines Llc. (PL)
Seat address: Kazinczy u 35., 1075 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36/20-265-77-55 (on workdays 9am 5pm)

(support for the plugins, questions, requests, etc.)

Company Register No.: 01-09-190451, Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága (Budapest Company Registry Court)
Tax No.: 24938284-2-42, HU24938284

Complaint handling details are the same as company details. Considering the operation of the webpage, customer complaint is primarily handled in email.

How to use PL Webshop:

PL Webshop is based on a modern, WooCommerce webshop engine. Due to its operation functionality registration is not necessary or possible.
a. To access the PL Webshop please click on the “SHOP” menu or visit By opening the link the products available in the webshop will show up.
b. Pick the required product or service (Product). After selecting the Product you will get to the Product’s subpage where the detailed description is available.
c. When you are happy with the selected Product, put that into the basket. (In certain cases selecting the proper option (e.g. number of domains) might be necessary.)
d. Your basket is available on the right side. Basket is always visible in the PL Webshop even if that is empty. You can always adjust the Products and their quantities in the basket by pressing the ‘View Basket’ button.
e. When you are finished with putting all required Products into the basket then please select the ‘Checkout’ button. Please fill your data on the checkout page and press the ‘Place Order’ button.
f. You are requested to check your data once again before pressing the ‘Place Order’ button as PL Webshop operates automatically and this is the last point where you can modify your data.
g. Select the desired payment method (e.g. ‘wire transfer’, etc.) parallel with placing the order and complete the order.
h. Soon you are to receive a confirmation email to your email address provided.
i. The Product is shipped or made available for download after the payment has been cleared.

The user (You):

The user (You) is the actual user of the webpage, who has placed the Product into the basket and placed the order.

Buying WooCommerce products applies business activity, therefore by buying such products you also acknowledge that according to the Hungarian Civil Code you are not considered as a consumer. In such cases Hungarian Government Decree No. 45 of 2014. (II. 26.) shall not be applied.

Setting up the agreement:

1. By using the PL Webshop the agreement is created by Your implied conduct (placing the order) that is followed by the email confirmation of PL Webshop. The agreement is an electronic agreement on product sales and/or supply of services created by Your implied conduct that includes Your acceptance of the GTC.
2. PL stores its current GTC on and makes that publicly available.
3. PL stores the individual orders and upon your request a copy of the order is sent to you.
4. The agreement is set up in Hungarian language. All other translations of the GTC shall be only considered as a document to provide You information. In case of any discrepancies between the Hungarian and other language versions of the GTC, the Hungarian language version shall prevail.

Products, Intellectual Property Rights, License

All details of a Product available in the PL Webstore is visible on the Product’s relevant page.
Intellectual property rights in and to a software product available in the PL Webstore are either displayed on the Product’s page or in the relevant plugin.
By purchasing a plugin in the PL Webstore you also acknowledge that you have purchased a limited right to use the given product as detailed on the Product page for the given domain and (if applicable) for the given period of time. You may copy the software product as necessary to exercise the right to use, although You are to modify, reverse engineer, redistribute or provide it to third parties.

Prices, Shipping

PL webstore indicates both net price and gross prices (with Hungarian VAT included).
Physical shipping of the products is not possible, You will have the product delivered via a download link. You are allowed to download a product 3 times. In case of a product PL has performed its duties at the time of sending the download link and the required license key.

Product support

If a Product contains product support, then You can enjoy this service through the indicated time period via email to


Due to the operation of the PL Webshop your complaints are primarily handled via email at In the email please provide Your purchase order identifier, the product concerned and the details of the bug (if possible please also provide a picture). Our colleagues will try to reproduce and correct the bug. Unfortunately we can only repair reproducible bugs connected to our products.

If you are not satisfied with PL’s complaint handling, then you may file the complaint to Budapest Conciliation Board (Budapesti Bekelteto Testulet) and/or the European Commission’s Dispute Resolution Board (European Commission’s ODR).

Data handling

PL Webstore – save legal compliance – does not handle or store personal data. Registration in the webstore is not possible.