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Fed up with creating individual invoices for each order, or have an API solution that eats up your money due to the volume of the invoices? Portum – Invoice WooCommerce plugin might be the solution if you need to comply with the Hungarian laws.

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Product Description

Portum – WooCommerce Invoicing plugin allows you to extend the services of your WooCommerce based webshop with API invoicing, thus at certain events (like close of an order, cancellation, etc.) automatically a financial notice (invoice) is created.
Invoicing is country dependant, this plugin is applicable for only companies applying the Hungarian invoicing rules.
This plugin was created mainly for high volume webshops, where invoicing consumes tremendous amount of time. Compared with 2-3 minutes of manual invoicing (even with electronic invoices) Portum – Invoice WooCommerce plugin creates and forwards the invoice to your client within seconds… and you can look for another issue to deal with.

Billingo is a relatively new company on the Hungarian market of electronic invoices, yet the service became popular amongst its customers. Using Billingo’s services requires registration at webpage.
The current Billingo fee includes the cost of API invoicing, therefore there are no additional costs, therefore you can achieve the automatic operation of your webshop without putting an extra fee (volume dependant or other) tag to it.

Portum – Billingo Invoice for WooCommerce plugin main functions:
* Automatic invoice generation – when an order is completed.
* Automatic cancellation invoice generation – when the invoice is cancelled or refunded.
* Automatic invoice is created only one time. In case of an error the error code and details appear.
* Invoice mailing – The invoices are e-mailed to the client automatically (if set), so you can eve follow if the invoice was read. Several options are available for delivery of the email to the client (by Billingo, WooCommerce email, manual).
* Paper and electronic invoices are also possible.
* The invoice generated is stored on Billingo’s server, you can download it with a click.
* WooCommerce Order No. is automatically displayed on the invoice.
* If the payment would have 0 value, then the invoicing is automatically switched off.
* Payment deadline and comment can be set globally.
* The invoice are automatically marked as “paid” in case the payment deadline is empty or 0. – under development
* Shipping cost is listed separately.
* Discounts are automatically applied (from WooCommerce Order) – not displayed as separate discounts.
* Almost all payment method is supported. Drawback: the WooCommerce payment gateway names must correspond to the User Manual! See the User manual.
* API supported English and German invoice is possible. Requires qtranslate&WooCommerce plugin.
* Data entry is different to fit to the Hungarian and other accepted order of fields. (At the moment German and English is supported.)
* Address format is the most detailed as in the relevant declaration by the Hungarian Tax Authority. The number of fields to be displayed may be set within the options.
* In case of non-Hungarian buyers the country and the other address details are displayed according to the local order of fields.

– WordPress 4.0 and above
– WooCommerce 2.2 and above

With the purchase of this product you will get
– a license for Portum – Billingo Invoice plugin for WooCommerce for the number of domains selected at the time of the purchase
– 1 year of support for the above product
– free upgrades for the next version of the plugin during the support period

IMPORTANT: To use the plugin you need to have an API pair provided by and the license received at the time of purchase.
The license of the plugin is valid for the number of domains selected at the time of the purchase. You need to activate the plugin before doing the basic settings.
This plugin is applicable only for the Hungarian invoicing rules!

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