WooCommerce plugins

We opted for WordPress / WooCommerce based platform at the time of setting up Portum Lines Llc.’s website.

During the past years of operation we are continously exploring the new depths of WordPress and WooCommerce which resulted several plugins. As there is a continous interest for these plugins we have decided to make these available for other WooCommerce users.

Installation, setting up and maintenance of the plugins are usually straightforward even for an average user, requires no advanced level of programming. In ceratin cases utilizing the services provided the plugins requires autorization (registration, account, etc.) from a third party.

As WooCommerce users usually opeate their webstores for some kind of commercial activity and this webpage is built for them, therfore mainly for B2B use.

The pricing of our plugins is solid and standardized. Main features of the plugins:
– by purchasing a plugin you buy a license for the given plugin for the number of domains selected at the time of the purchase;
– 1 year of customer support is provided for each license purchased;
– during the customer support period, the plugin is freely upgradeable to the next version of the plugin;
– after the support period you may still use the plugint, although without the option to enjoy the support or free updates;

– if you wish to enjoy the customer support after the support period is over, then you have the option to buy an update license – that extends the support period by 1 year for the given plugin;
– if you don’t wish to cope with the setting of the plugin, then you can buy our Setting assistance… service;

The list of plugins grows month-by-month, the current plugins are available in the webshopban. Please select the SHOP menu, or click the link below.